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3300 BCE

The Wendat (also known as Hurons) settle into Southern Ontario

The Wendat (also known as Hurons) settled into Southern Ontario (near what is now Simcoe County). Their main territory was enveloped by Georgian Bay (to the north and west) and Lake Simcoe to the east. The ancient Wendat were hunter gatherers. However by the time that Champlain arrived they relied heavily on agriculture.

Before 14,500 BCE

Earliest Paleo-Indians find their way to Canada

It is believed that around this time the “Clovis People” begin finding their way into southern Alberta. The leading theory on how they arrived here suggests that they made their way across Beringia (a now submerged land bridge) that joined northern Asia to Alaska. As the huge glaciers that covered Canada began receding southward, these hunter-gatherers followed to be the first residents of Canada. As time passed, they were believed ….Read More

14,500 BCE

First Aboriginal People Settle in North America

The best current evidence suggests that Aboriginal People first arrived in North America approximately 14,500 years BCE (Before the Common Era) by crossing the Bering land bridge which had formed between eastern Siberia and Alaska during the latest Ice Age. Initially hey settled in some areas of Alaska and the Yukon because glaciers blocked their path south.

September 4, 1984

Mulroney’s Conservatives Form a Majority Government

The Progressive Conservative Party led by Brian Mulroney, forms a majority government. Their 211 seats is the largest victory in Canadian history.

March 13, 1942

CWAC’s Become Part of the Canadian Army

Military authorities integrate the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC) into the Canadian Army. This changes the corps status from that of a para-military organization to a regular army adopting army rank structures and insignia.