We have assembled a small team of volunteer writers that author or edit all of the content found on this site. Many of our writers possess the unique combination having achieved both advanced degrees (BA or better in history or related discipline), as well as a degree in high school education. Thus the articles will be scholarly and well researched – while being easy to read and understand.

Our plan is to produce much of the content based upon requests by teachers / students & our readers in general. Our criteria for choosing article topics is simple. We will write on a topic:

  • if it doesn’t already exist on the web (or there has been very little written).
  • or if it is poorly represented (ie poorly researched or written).

Our historical articles will always contain footnotes, so you can continue your exploration of the topic further.

While most of this site is dedicated to factual accounts of historical topics, we will also be including some articles / stories that are presented purely for their entertainment value.

Our site is still in its infancy. There is no doubt that it will continue to evolve over time. So please bookmark our site, and check back with often as we will be constantly be adding new articles, stories & site features.

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