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St. John's, Newfoundland—known as North America's oldest city—boasts an impressive collection of archival and research materials.

The Province's capitol city is home to four excellent archival collections and its university houses a first-rate library of over a million volumes. Combined, these institutions offer a broad range of material for the potential researcher.

Naturally, much of this resource focuses on our home Province, Newfoundland and Labrador, but many other areas of research and scholarship are also available, especially in the field of maritime history. Among the items located here are:

Extensive historical photograph collections
(mainly of Newfoundland/Labrador and nautical subjects).
Newspaper collections on microfilm.
These include extended runs of papers from all over the globe, including the Christian Science Monitor; Boston Evening Transcript 1877-1899; the Belfast Newsletter 1738-1925; the Financial Times (London) 1955-present; Gazette (Montreal) 1834-1999; New York Times 1926-present; Times (London) 1785-present; Wall Street Journal 1895-1998. (Many more are also available).
Government documents.
Mainly from the Newfoundland/Labrador Provincial Government plus the Canadian Federal Government.
Scholarly Journals.
These come from worldwide sources and encompass practically all scholarly disciplines.
Maritime/nautical resources,
including most of the 19th/20th century British Empire vessel crew agreements; Lloyd's material and Registers of Colonial shipping.
Business materials for Newfoundland,
the Maritimes and New England.
Genealogical resources
such as Parish Registers from Newfoundland, western England and some Irish.
Microfiche/film collections.
There are many types of documents available in this format. Irish pamphlets 1700-1850; United Nations Documents—General Assembly, Security Council etc.; Three Centuries of Drama (1500-1830); British Sessional Papers, including Parliamentary debates and Select Committees and United States Government documents, are but a few of the items at our disposal.
Student dissertations and theses
on Newfoundland/Labrador and a wide variety of other topics. (Reproduction of certain of these is limited to a set number of pages, or by author's permission only).
If any of the above document sources may be of use to you, or if there is anything else you wish to inquire about, including web-based research, please let us know.

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