Most Recent Additions
1.The Vikings in Newfoundland
2.Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland and The American Revolution
3.Lewisporte - "Gateway to the North"
4.Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, the world’s first Ace
5.The Beothuk Indians - "Newfoundland's Red Ochre People"
6.Twillingate - A Brief History
7.Chief Tecumseh - "The Wellington of the Indians"
8.Isaac Brock - Saviour of Canada

Our editors will usually have a minimum M.A. in History, or another closely related discipline. On occasion we employ graduate students, but only under the direct supervision of an editor posessing a graduate degree.

We have extensive experience in archival and library research skills. Our work has given us a strong working knowledge of a wide variety institutions, and the media types found there. For example:

The National Maritime Museum - Greenwich.
The Public Record Office - London.
The British Museum Library - London.
The Cumbria County Record Office - Carlisle.
The Maritime Archives - Memorial University of Newfoundland.
The Maritime Archives - Memorial University.
The Centre for Newfoundland Studies - Memorial University.
The Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador - St. Johns.
Media Types
Microfilm and microfiche.
Newspapers and magazines.
Photographs and other image materials.
Government documents, reports etc.
Scholarly journals.
The World Wide Web.
Theses and dissertations.
Genealogical materials.
Shipping documents.

*Please note: HRC is in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any of these institutions.

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